In case you didn’t get the memo there is a link on my page right now that leads to a separate blog for full on adult content. 

While I still post some tasteful nudity kinds of boobs and butts here, if you want the actual porn there is a link next to ask and archive labeled Donuts.

Gooze and things like that will mostly be posted there seeing as how they are very exotic adult themed characters.

I wanted to change things up. Even if all I tend to draw is lewd things right now. I still feel that it’s very necessary to have it all separated. also this way it isn’t too awkward for people who may be interested in sfw content. which there are. I’ve gotten plenty of notes about it.

I wouldn’t mind taking my time to actually work on something that isn’t nsfw related. I’ve had my fill of nsfw 10 times over and its gets stale from time to time. Not my fault it’s the only thing that’s fun to doodle and kill time with when you’re as jaded as I am. If my dick wants to draw for me so be it. But I know I am long overdue for an actual idea. 

though, if you can’t deal with even the most vanilla nudity and sexual themes that are still posted here still you’re kind of a dweeb.

It’s an acquired taste